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Get to know the philosophy of HENKEL + ROTH

HRNKEL + ROTH - your specialist in special machine construction

HENKEL + ROTH specializes in the development and implementation of customer-specific automation solutions for

  • Handling technology
  • robotics
  • Transfer technique

We develop and manufacture assembly machines and automation solutions - tailor-made for your product range and your processes, aligned with your current needs and the requirements of the Industry 4.0 era. As a specialist with a comprehensive range of services, we are able to deliver flexible and individual system concepts for the rationalization of your production. Regardless of whether you are assembling, conveying, processing, adjusting or packaging - our special machines help you to achieve effective production.

In 1990, Dr. Udo Henkel and Dipl.-Ing. Matthias Roth founded HENKEL + ROTH GmbH in Ilmenau, Thuringia. Even then, the company's founders identified automatic assembly as one of the most important future industrial trends. They dedicated themselves body and soul to special machine construction and created an efficient development department in their company in addition to production. This is how HENKEL + ROTH quickly became one of the pioneers in the field of handling robotics transfer.

As early as 1991, the special machine manufacturer HENKEL + ROTH developed a sewing robot for car floor mats as one of its first special machines. Various assembly lines, including for electric motors, were delivered in 1993. The first special machine construction order for handling and automation from the USA was the development and manufacture of a handling robot in 1995.

In 1996, HENKEL + ROTH, now a nationally and internationally recognized company in the field of special machine construction, was able to deliver the first assembly lines to the automotive supplier industry in the field of assembly automation. Since then, numerous special machines and assembly machines have been developed for customers around the world.

„The path from manual assembly to assembly automation is not complicated“

Is it worth automating assembly?

In any case. There is an acute shortage of skilled workers. Nobody wants to do dull and monotonous work. Nevertheless, quality must be guaranteed. Every entrepreneur knows the challenges of sick leave, vacation, collectively agreed pay... An assembly machine works reliably with consistent quality and without night shift bonuses. This means that production can be quickly adapted to the call-off figures.

Which assembly tasks can be automated?

Almost everything can be automated. Robots and camera systems make it possible. It's just a question of effort. Inserting and assembling parts are simple tasks, as are technologies such as screwing, press-fitting, welding, labeling, etc. More challenging are flexible parts such as rubber or cables. But there are solutions for this too.

When is an automatic assembly machine worthwhile?

If one of your employees has been doing the same work for years, if the work is harmful to health due to noise, monotonous strain or fumes, if the call-off figures increase, if employees are absent and labor costs explode, then it is time to automate production at the latest.

What are the reasons for assembly automation?

Constant costs make it easy to determine the return on investment. Automatic assembly technologies are more precise and often faster than humans. Round-the-clock production increases productivity and fluctuating quantities can be easily absorbed. An assembly system works transparently and continuously and does not make the mistakes that a human makes.

Some of our special machine construction projects

  • Assembly lines for various products with integrated automatic testing machines
  • Gantry robots for machine loading
  • Robot cells
  • Mobile industrial robots
  • Rotary indexing machines for medical technology products
  • Palletizers for small parts
  • One-piece flow systems with assembly device and automatic assembly machines

HENKEL + ROTH is your specialist for automatic assembly, flexible assembly lines, handling and automation. As professionals in special machine construction, we develop tailor-made one-offs for you, tailor-made for your application and tailored to your needs, regardless of whether you need flexible assembly lines, universal assembly systems or rotary indexing machines.

Zertifizierte Qualität auf höchstem Niveau

Further development of the mobile robot to generation 4 with omnidirectional drive and fleet manager in a joint project
Research project collaborating industrial robots with 3D distance measurement
BMBF joint project freeMoVe
2015 in November
Award for Dr. Udo Henkel and Matthias Roth, the founders of the first hour after the fall of the Berlin Wall, were named “Entrepreneur of the Year
by BVMW Federal Association freeMoVe
2015 in March
25 years of HENKEL + ROTH GmbH
Automatica: new stage in the development of the mobile robot presented - in addition to the 5-sided assembly machine and test bench, mobile robot now serves a manual workstation for the first time
Motek: 5-sided automatic assembly machine with the ability for actual 6-axis machining using an additional z-axis presented 2011 Motek: New generation of the mobile industrial robot MR2.0 available
Automatica: 5-axis automatic sinking machine presented to the industrial world as a technological leap in hot sinking 2008 Motek: first presentation of the mobile robot, the world's first self-sufficient industrial robot

Planting new trees with the company bike

Since May 2023, HENKEL + ROTH employees have been able to lease a company bike and do something good for their physical and mental fitness. In addition to photovoltaics and heat pumps, this is another component of the company's activities t

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    98693 Ilmenau, Germany

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